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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Tell No-Child-Left-Behind that Utah doesn't NEED it!

Utah is debating whether or not they will forego $116 million in Federal funds for their schools. Utah politicos are claiming that the Federal government has too many stringent requirements attached to the program and that they want more control over their own schools.

The Utah House of Reps has unanimously passed a bill that would use state money only for education authored by a Mother of 12, Rep. Margaret Dayton. In this manner the state could control the standards for its children. "This is not a partisan issue; this is a states' rights issue,"
Dayton said.

The Utah Senate anticipates quick passage, which the Republican governor is expected to sign.

Let us hope that Utah passes this legislation and does ignore the Federal government's "help" with education. The Constitution does not say anywhere in it that the Federal government should be allowed to spend Federal money on education in the states. Rep. Dayton is wholly correct, it IS a state issue.

Colorado, Idaho, North Dakota, and Virginia and soon several other states, are all considering opting out of the No-child-left-behind act.
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