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Monday, April 25, 2005

A Letter To Senator George Voinovich
- By Chuck Busch

Senator George Voinovich,

I was very dismayed to learn that my Ohio Republican U.S. Senator has defected and was responsible for the delay in the nomination of John Bolton for ambassador to the U.N. Your reservations in giving the endorsement were based on one day's testimony from a dubious Democratic voice whose claims are completely unproven. How you can make any balanced judgment at all after not being present throughout the entire hearings and not listening to Mr. Bolton's own defense is very questionable. It would have been better if you have trusted the opinion of your colleges and the chairman and been more willing to support the wishes of your president and his secretary of state and than to aid in the obstruction agenda of the vacuous UN sympathizers on the left.

I don't know how you can hesitate on this nomination at a time when reform at the UN is now underway. Do you have to be reminded that the United Nations under the direction of Kofi Annan has been totally ineffective in preventing and if fact, has been partly responsible for murder and mayhem on a massive scale across the globe? From the genocide in Rwanda, to the rape of women in Congo, to the abandonment of the Sudanese, to the unfettered proliferation of WMD's, to the largest financial scandal of the century which is the "Oil for Bribes" Iraqi scam, the UN on every occasion has exasperated crisis situations and placed itself in opposition to the purposes of the United States and Israel.

John Bolton is a distinguished accomplished diplomat who is exactly what is needed as the US representative. His much acclaimed "bare knuckle" approach is exactly the asset needed to bring reform to the UN. We do not need to "work with other people to get things going" as much as the UN needs to work with us. Our ambassador is not going to the UN to make friends, but to protect America's interests in world affairs. This is the UN's last opportunity to prove to the American public, that our participation in their organization has any merit whatsoever.

I hope that in the immediate future, I will be hearing more positive and proactive indications that you have the will to move conservative reforms ahead in alliance with genuine fellow Republican Senators.
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