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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed- By (a smoke free) Justin Darr

The Non-Moralizing Jerk Section
- By Justin Darr

After years of constant personal attacks, being unceremoniously herded out into the hostile elements, and sneered and glared upon on an almost constant basis, I have quit smoking. Yes, stand up and applaud all you non-smokers out there! You have finally nagged, annoyed, and taxed me out of one of the few small pleasures life has to offer.

Granted, smoking is bad for you. And, that is the real reason why I quit. After just a few short weeks I already feel better, have more energy and the creation of the "plasma TV fund" in my bank account has made it all worthwhile. Probably the largest benefit of not smoking is that now I can finally join the benighted few in the coveted "non smoking section" of my favorite local restaurant............
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