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Friday, April 01, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed- By Warner Todd Huston

Left Misleading About Filibusters; Who's Surprised?
- By Warner Todd Huston

Left leaning organization, "The People for the American Way", had a press conference recently (3/30/05) about how they are taking up the banner to support filibustering by the Democrats of Bush's judicial nominations. PftAW President, Ralph Neas, waxed eloquent on the founders and the Constitution. Unfortunately, most of what he said was misleading at best and out right wrong at worst.

Mr. Neas was touting The PftAW's new TV spot on the issue with a "common sense republican" as the star attraction. Attempting to make it seem as if those who are against the changing of Senate rules to stop this unprecedented filibustering action by Democrats is a bipartisan issue.

The TV ad, which few will see on paid broadcasts, no doubt, has debuted on the internet. Besides a few small background inconsistencies with the fellow that they chose for their poster boy being the "common sense Republican" he claims to be - Ted Nonini, who belongs to the Los Angeles Firefighter's union and serves as its Treasurer , a Union that endorsed Kerry for president in '04 - the ad ends with a plaintive, "Don't let anyone kill the filibuster". Setting aside the silly reference at the beginning of the ad to the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", the ad misleads its viewers with that ending..............
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