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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed- By Warner Todd Huston

Calif. Case Proves School Vouchers A Good Idea
- By Warner Todd Huston

Sunnyvale, California: Nearly 300 high school students in one of the Fremont Union High Schools were told to go home and never return. It seems the District administrators "discovered" that these hundreds of students didn't actually, legally live in the district and so did not qualify to attend the public schools in there.

Superintendent Steve Rowley told reporters, "We asked them to come to the office, we called their parents and told them they don't go to school here anymore".

Perhaps Californians are getting the message that government is not a bottomless wellspring of free money and services at long last? The aforementioned school district has realized that they just cannot afford to continue turning a blind eye to the attendance of students who don't actually live in the district from which the taxes are drawn that fund the schools there. They have finally put their foot down and told the outsiders to go to the schools in their own districts and rightfully so.

A Ronald Dews is quoted by KRON, Channel 4 television as being concerned that, "The people who are supposed to be here are getting deprived of the education they are supposed to have". Somehow one should find it a suspect idea that anyone is being "denied" the education their taxes are paying for, but the point is well taken in that many are getting an education that they are NOT paying for because they do not live in the school district..............
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