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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Young Christians Rising
- By Hans Zeiger

Generation X Catholics were asked in their teenage days what it was that the church had failed to give them. The most frequent response was that the church had not challenged teens with "a high and heroic ideal." Such a challenge, as we've been reminded these past few weeks, was made with astounding success by the late pope. The Millennial Generation, born in the days of Reagan and John Paul II, is emerging into the world with a conservatism unexpected and nervously opposed by the liberal elite of American culture. But liberalism cannot erase the moral demand it has provoked.

"In an age of relativism," writes Peter Kreeft, "orthodoxy is the only possible rebellion left." Remarkably, Christian orthodoxy is spreading rapidly amongst young Americans; we can hope that a great awakening of the spiritual life of the nation is imminent.........
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