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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Our Newest op Ed

Open Letter to Duke Law: Respect Richard Nixon and Restore His Portrait
- By John T. Plecnik

Much to the chagrin of my elite and oh, so liberal law school, the most famous alum to take a degree from the Duke University School of Law is none other than President Richard M. Nixon (Class of 1937). On a side note, some would say that Kenneth Starr (Class of 1973) is the runner-up. Regardless, our legendary alum served as a two-term congressman, senator, two-term Vice-President and two-term President. Oh, and he lost a gubernatorial and presidential race...and had to resign from the presidency. But, that's American history.

Simply put, Nixon loved Duke, but Duke never loved Nixon. As President, the man helped to connect the United States and Duke University with China. He established a scholarship at the law school and hosted a class reunion in the White House. But, there was to be no honorary doctorate for the Republican politician. There was no respect for the enormous influence of an undeniably historic, but conservative figure. Despite Nixon's wishes to place his presidential library at Duke University, the school denied him a final opportunity to give back to the institution he loved. To their credit, the law faculty did support this initiative, but others overruled them.. .........
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Right on! Excellent article.
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