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Friday, April 22, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Is Senator Jim Jefford's ill?
- By Warner Todd Huston

A couple of weeks ago (March 22nd) Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords appeared on a Public Radio show called "Switchboard" in his home state. (Am I the only one, in light of Jumpin' Jim's appearance there, who finds the title of the show ironic?) After reviewing a transcript of that appearance, I have to wonder if it might behoove his family to get him to the family Doctor, or perhaps a more specialized mental health care professional, for a little checkie-pooh.

Now, we all know Senator Jeffords came to national attention, lifting himself out of utter obscurity for his 15 minutes of fame, when he assisted the Democrats in the Senate to retake majority status during President Bush's first term. He did this by declaring that he would switch from being a Republican to claiming the title of "independent" (really a misspelling of "Democrat") which took the bare majority the GOP held in numbers in the Senate and tipped it toward the Democrats.

So far, that is not only his main claim to fame but the single act that he has ever done that made the slightest ripple in the great Washington scheme of things in all his years in government. And it made him instantly more of a non-entity in the Senate than he was previously, sadly for him and his constituents...............
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