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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Contemplations on Socialism
- By Rudy Takala

The concoctions of socialism have indeed made life on this earth a tumultuous one. Socialism today continues to torment millions, simply because socialists refuse to acknowledge the failure of their religion. Socialism didn't create heaven on earth in the past, they say, because the wrong people were in power. They weren't in power. As centuries-old debates are waged over such issues as Social Security, and I find myself personally privileged to witness the modern grotesqueries of education, an array of thoughts have come to mind.

Socialist dogma seems to be tending away from its traditional promise of heaven on earth these days. It's no longer about creating a better standard of living, it's simply about making sure no one progresses too far ahead of anyone else. Social Security, for example, isn't about economic efficiency or prudence, nor is it about caring for the old. As Benjamin R. Barber wrote in defense of Social Security for the Los Angeles Times on January 27th, "Privatization - whether of education, housing or Social Security - makes us less of a public. It diminishes the republic - the res publica, or public things that define our commonweal. It turns the common 'we' into a collection of private 'me's.'".........
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