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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

*Our Elected Leaders are Playing Us for Fools.*
- By Justin Darr

Have you ever had the chance to sit backstage at a magic show? Let me tell you the subtle slight of hands and distractions that create the illusions of a professional magician are designed to be seen from the front. When you actually see what the magician is doing from another angle, the tricks seldom work. However, as many professional magicians will tell you,
despite the desire of every audience member to "know how the trick is done," most allow themselves to be readily deceived because they want to enjoy the show.

Imagine for a moment that the goal of a performer was not to entertain you, but rob you. How long do you think you would sit by and allow the deception to go on before you took action to stop it? Well, it might take you longer than you realize because our elected leaders from both parties have been doing this very thing for years. Unlike a professional magician, our elected magicians are not trying to entertain us, but deceive us into endlessly funding their reelection campaigns.". .............
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