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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Uncivilized Protestors
- By Warner Todd Huston

We've been seeing it more and more; anti-war protestors gathering to protest the war in places where a person who truly cared about others just wouldn't dream of going to protest.

We have two recent examples of this untoward phenomenon. This October a militant, anti-gay group were ignorant enough to attempt to protest the funeral of a soldier in Chelsea, Oklahoma, causing consternation among the mourners.

These uncivilized cretins attempted to disrupt the funeral of Army Staff Sgt. John Doles, 29, of Chelsea, who was killed Sept. 30 in an ambush in Afghanistan. Somehow or another these crazies imagine that the war on terror is some sort of punishment leveled by God upon America because we somehow love gays.

Even more unbelievable, these people that protested at Sgt. Dole's funereal claim to be from a church group!

Another disgusting protest occurred last August out in front of Walter Reed Hospital, a place where where so many of our grievously wounded soldiers are sent to rehabilitate from our soldiers' wounds.........

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