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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

A Normal Reaction (Even They Weren't Right All Of The Time)
- By R.A. Hawkins

I just spent the entire morning racking my brain and searching the Internet for a situation that occurred early in our country's history. I never could locate the specific incident so I'll wing it on memory. I've no doubt that many will be inspired to tell me who it was later on. (If only to show me up)

The story from way back when goes something like this: One of our founding fathers was out riding as he often did and he came upon a very angry voter. The man looked up at him and told him he would never vote for him again. Our founding father asked him what he had done that had angered him so much and his answer was one that we're hearing today. It went something like this: "You introduced a bill into Congress to replace so and so's barn that burnt down a week ago. That happens to many people but nobody sends a bill to Congress to replace it with other people's money taken in the form of taxes. But because so many of you know this person you're moved by your feelings to make the rest of us replace it with tax dollars. That is against the very tenets upon which this new government was created, that you yourself have helped to create. You have forgotten what you once stood for." Or something like that but the sentiment is what matters and it still applies these days..............
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