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Monday, October 24, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Answering the Clinton's Ill-mannered Behavior
- By Chuck Busch

It is questionable whether a supposed environmental warming trend triggered the two violent hurricanes in the Gulf coast, but there can be no doubt that the acrimony over disaster response has produced a significant change in the political atmosphere over Washington. The formerly impeached president and perpetual campaigner, Bill Clinton, headed for the spotlight once again to deliverable a string of disparaging remarks directed toward President Bush's handling of the Katrina emergency, Iraq and the national budget.

Having been in office for two terms, Bill Clinton cannot run for U.S. President again. It would seem improbable that he or his ex-co-president spouse would succeed anyway, now that the sordid tales of eight years of mind-boggling scandals involving abuses of power, criminal neglect, ineptitude, cowardice, immorality and corruption have become public knowledge. Therefore, Clinton has set his sights on the only other job left to him besides dogcatcher (my apologies to animal control agents) and that is, Secretary General of the United Nations. Clinton probably considers this a promotion and a chance to achieve a redeeming legacy that so far has eluded him ...........
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