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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


A Big Welcome To Our Newest Contributor...

Chavez and Venezuela
- Krystle Russin

Venezuela used to be famous for oil, tourism and Miss Universe contestants. Now it is known for its communist wannabe leader. A frequent critic of American politics, Chavez has an obsession with wearing the socialist color red, provides financial backing for Fidel Castro now that Cuba isn't receiving anything from the USSR, and according to televangelist Pat Robertson, he should be assassinated. I suggest that everyone who thinks President Bush is the worst thing to happen to the United States should be forced to stay in Venezuela for the remainder of Chavez's term.

Last week at the Summit of the Americas in Argentina, Chavez held a protest attended by 20,000 people to explain why he is better than President Bush, or as he refers to him, "Mr. Danger, the owner of the world." He said that all of South America should undergo socialist revolutions and kept his same old theme about the war in Iraq and how "imperialist" America is economically unjust. He also claims Mexico's Vicente Fox acted like a "puppy of the empire." Most importantly, who is Hugo Chavez to criticize Americans, President Bush, fellow Latin leaders and just about everyone?............
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