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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

An Affair To Remember (Joe Wilson-Plame and Sheehan: Tools In A Smaller Plot?)
- By R.A. Hawkins

es maybe it wasn't very nice hyphenating his name, but to me it seems to be honest. Some media types describe him as being apolitical. I think he's totally political and, as many supposed centrists as described by the media, he's as left as they get. In his Op-Ed for the NYT he talked about sipping mint tea and visiting with those who worked for the Nigerian government at the time of the supposed sale of yellow cake uranium to Iraq. They told him they hadn't sold uranium to Saddam Hussein. I wonder what Hitler would have said about those camps.

He came back and told everyone no sale took place and walked away. I had a little trouble with one of his comments in there about what the people were wearing and about them walking across John F. Kennedy bridge. That seemed so metro-sexual and not really part of what he was supposed to be talking about. It made me think he was a leftist. But there was much more that made me think leftist as well. He talked about the need for rigorously ensuring that Saddam wasn't pursuing his weapons program again. He also said it was important that the threat of invasion was there to make him toe the line. His problem was that we actually backed our words with deeds. Leftist ..............
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