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Friday, November 18, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Hogs Get Slaughtered (At The Trough of Public Opinion)
- By R.A. Hawkins

It is amusing to listen to the media as they attempt to describe the current administration's problems. My favorite is rocked by scandals. Really it's more like a bunch of wayward kids in a canoe running from one side to the other in tandem as they plumb the depths for something tangible to use. The left is out to find anything they possibly can as it attempts to justify its past rocky rides and tries to regain control. Those who are rocking the boat the hardest are finally starting to find they may have rocked a little too wildly as their own past and current motivations start to emerge.

Quite a few have made comments regarding the Wilson claims, such as 'Well if it was common knowledge that his wife worked for the CIA why haven't we heard from any of those people yet?" That's not the way one defeats an adversary so that isn't the way it's being played. The second term for any President always brings a series of scandals that started earlier for the express purpose of regaining power. I think it was wise of the Bush team to ignore Wilson's rants and speeches. Because they ignored them it made the left think they were shying away from them or shrinking in fear. By not reacting to them it emboldened the left into elevating the claims for the purpose of making a little political hay..............
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