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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Liberals are Causing a European Jihad
- By Justin Darr

After more than two weeks of nightly violence, the rioting of Europe's Muslim minority has finally begun to subside. While the French government and Main Stream Media may be eager to pretend that the events of the last month were an anomaly, or persist in the notion that the
underlying issues that incited the violence are now being addressed, the current lull in the violence in Europe is just that; a lull. The violence is doomed to return in the future. Europe is fast becoming ground zero in clash of civilizations between two equally intolerant cultures, radical Islam and Liberalism.

If American Liberalism has an Eden, it must be somewhere in France. France has positioned itself in the world as the self appointed "Liberal Paradise." Large scale social programs, crippling controls over business, the complete eradication of expressions of faith in public schools, year-long prison terms for anyone who might utter a word deemed to be "offensive," euthanasia for invalids, no death penalty, abortion pills, and a compulsive anti-Americanism, has made France the envy of liberals world-wide.............
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