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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

How To Save North Korea - Guns, Guns, and More Guns
- By Resa LaRu Kirkland

One of the most inspiring aspects of history is the way ordinary human beings are able to overcome and defeat evil…whether that evil is in the form of individuals, groups, or regimes. We have seen it over and over again, and even participated in such defeats. We have faith in it...it is the one hope we cling to should we ever need to do the same thing again. And we know we will have to again...and yet again. History has proven that it is inevitable so long as mortals are-well, mortal.

Until recent history, the ability to overthrow wicked leaders has been an even proposition; that is, the farmer fighting could reasonably expect to have the same weapons that the army they were trying to defeat had: shields, spears, arrows, clubs, slingshots, horses, etc. What they didn't have they could make. So it was with both sides-an army supporting a wicked regime could go up against its own countrymen and expect them to be fairly equally equipped. This meant that the final deciding factor in battle was the determination of those fighting. It could go either way.

Then entered the gun. Wicked governments instantly recognized the potential for a massive power shift. If they legislated it so that only THEY could possess guns, it would end the ability of the average man to stop them from any of their designs-wicked and otherwise-thus ensuring their total and complete reign. No matter how committed the people were, there was simply no way they could expect to defeat a system armed with guns when all they had were spears and shields. Wicked governments know that people don't like them, and WILL fight them. Denying them the right to guns insured leaders of their brutal and iron grip, and the people with no choice but to accept it .........
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