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Monday, November 28, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Every Vote Must Count, Unless the Liberals Win
- By Justin Darr

Every have that feeling there is something missing, but you cannot quite remember what it is? The weather is getting colder; did I forget to check my washer fluid? No. Check the tire pressure? No, it is fine. Any anniversary, birthdays, or doctor appointments I might have missed? No, all are up to date. Oh, now I remember, we just had an election cycle and I am still waiting to hear the hysterical screams of the left claiming that voters were disenfranchised by the cruel and heartless Republicans.

So where is it? Where are the wild conspiracy theories? Are you trying to tell me the oil industry was not purposely inflating the price of gas to make it harder to reach the polls? Every single voter in the United States knew exactly where their poll site was located and its hours of operation? Every poll opened and closed on time with adequate staffing, no chads where found to be hanging, every voter clearly understood the ballots and filled them out in an unambiguous manner? And, what about absentee and provisional ballots? Are you actually trying to say that the Republicans let a chance to thwart the will of the people through fraud and intimidation slip by? .............
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