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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Chinese inmates' organs for sale to Britons


GUANGZHOU, China -- A Chinese company has begun marketing kidneys, livers and other organs from executed prisoners to sick Britons in need of transplants.

Hospital Doctor, a British magazine, earlier this month reported that a firm called Transplants International was trying to recruit British patients.

Operations were to be carried out at Guangzhou Air Force Military Hospital by doctors from a hospital affiliated with the nearby Sun Yat-sen Southern University.

Guangzhou is the fast-growing metropolis near Hong Kong in the heart of China's southern manufacturing zone.

The Telegraph confirmed the story in an interview with the hospital's Dr. Na Ning, in which a reporter posed as someone interested in getting involved as a business venture.

"We can sign an agreement," Dr. Na said over a business lunch in a smart Western restaurant.

"We should be cautious -- this is sensitive. There is no need to bring in lawyers or consultants. We should do the agreement on trust."

Dr. Na is one of many doctors involved in a growing organ-transplant trade that has caused revulsion around the world. In China, the practice raises few eyebrows.

Executed prisoners are the main source of organs used in the country's transplant operations, thousands of which are conducted each year.

See full story at: WashingtonTimes.com

Now, how long do you think it would be before Chinese people are condemned to death not because they did something wrong but because some Party boss wants to sell their liver??

For all we know, it may already have happened!

Yeah, that Chinese government is "just like us", eh? They are "just another world government deserving of respect", huh?
There you go again...One man's trash is another man's treasure. Okay, so you feel that ethics of the Chinese are reprehensible? Alrighty then! Let us not have a Leftist Emotional moment here, there is nothing like a free-market to celebrate the greatness of capitalism. With that said, at-least they did not decide Jonathan Swift the prisoners...do you want fries with that?
Hmmm. Maybe you are right. We WOULDN'T want to go assumin' that Chinese are really PEOPLE, after all. Slcie and dice those lilliputians, man! If a yeller liver can make grandma better, I say buy two just in case.
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