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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

"Your Papers Please": American Cities On The Verge Of Becoming Police States
- By Frederick Meekins

Miami Police have announced plans to conduct what they are calling "high profile ID sweeps" where they intend to check the identification of everyone entering a public building.

Officials claim in doing so, no one's rights are being violated; but what if one does not want to show police their driver's license or happened to have forgotten to bring it with them that day?

If one refuses to participate by suddenly getting out of line and not entering the building, will that now be deemed enough probable cause to get maced in the face and a billy-club across the back of the knees?

And what if authorities deny citizens access to food in supermarkets, to buy and sell as alluded to in Revelation 13, unless they comply with draconian identification measures?

Unlike a roadside stop, one does not need government authorization to perambulate down the sidewalk. It's called a DRIVER'S LICENSE, not an authorization to leave your house permit........
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It is not often that I agree with your perspective, but on this issue we agree. The latest is, I live here in Denver, that they "dropped" (charges against the woman)issue because of a "sign" issue, but! will continue to ask for a person's ID. Today, there is suppose to be some sort of protest on one of the local RTD buses today (12-9-05)...I will have a commentary on this myself, I will be working on it this weekend...

PS. I mistakenly posted this commentary to WTH's column earlier in the week. Have a nice weekend...
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