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Friday, December 09, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Thin Veneer
- By David Tatosian

If one begins enumerating the many acts of murder, mayhem and destruction justified by Koranic verse, Muslims will, without exception, defend these acts and decry any skepticism as a basic misunderstanding of Islam. They'll helpfully point out that the true meaning of Islam is peace.

Perhaps the victims of Islamic jihad, the dead, are now at peace.

Is that the true meaning of Islam?

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, responding to the Beslan slaughter of children snarled, "...there is no restriction on place (it could even occur in Mecca)-so schools are legitimate targets of jihad, but it is up to local mujahedeen [those who engage in jihad] to decide the best strategy...". And from the same interview, "...Speaking objectively as a Muslim scholar...jihad can be effected outside the battlefield-it is not restricted by time, place, building, event, people, transport, food, water (both of which may be legitimately poisoned in jihad), or by clothing-there is no need to wear a uniform. Any weapons are legitimate in jihad. Even animals may be used as "suicide bombers"! It is not restricted by target-even Muslims or children..."

Is that closer to the true meaning of Islam? ...........
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