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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

- By Hans Zeiger

Conservatives are too pessimistic. A few leading conservatives are wondering whether the Right has a future, in part because long-running conservative expectations of a smaller government seem altogether frustrated. Conservative leadership seems stultified, past victories and opportunities seem let go, purpose seems a shadow of what it was when Reagan was around.

Christopher DeMuth laments the decline of limited government in the December issue of The American Enterprise, and Jonah Goldberg echoes with a call for a "Republican Reformation" at Townhall.com. David Brooks has lately described an identity crisis within conservative ranks, headlining in the New York Times that conservatives are "running out of steam." When Brooks keynoted a recent conference at Princeton on "The Conservative Movement: It's Past, Present, and Future," he was not the only pessimist there. .........
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