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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

The Flight of the White
- By David Tatosian

Apparently the desire of white parents to provide the best education they can for their children is racism. Even if you're a self-loathing liberal who shudders involuntarily at the mere mention of the word "white"; If you remove your child from a school with a significant or overwhelmingly Hispanic (in this case) student body, you're Tom Tancredo.

Get used to it gringo.

But what are we to think when liberals, alternately blustering or swooning at the Ka'ba of Multiculturalism, remove their offspring from an educational environment that they insist is good for the rest of us?

Minority parents seeking to enroll their children in the best possible school is good parenting. Why is it racism when white parents do the same thing?............
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