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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Dr. Hollyweird Enviro Barf Alert!
- By Warner Todd Huston

I have just come back from seeing the trailers shown before The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe(as well as the movie itself, of course). Before I go on with this I simply must encourage you all to go see this movie at the theater. Don't wait for the DVD release. The richness and excitement of this film must be seen on the big screen. I took my nine year-old and he says go, go, go.

Now... on with the show. Boy, what a cliche. And this won't be the only one.

Of course we are all familiar with the wonderful world of movie trailers, those snippets, those commercials for upcoming films we are treated to for at least one half hour before we get to see the film we really came to see. It has been my experience that the trailer is unfortunately often far better than the full film.

Anyway, that aside, I saw a few trailers tonight, but few that made me interested enough to watch for the release dates of the full film. We saw the trailers for a few comedies that seemed boringly familiar and cliched. A few action pictures that seemed, well, boringly familiar and cliched. A few cartoon films that ... well, I think you see a pattern here..............

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I don't know if I had been to this site before; I arrived here via this past "Newest OP-ED" entry, by the conservative columnist who is current a guest blogger at my weblog. I thought it would be appropriate to post a comment here, because his latest guest blog entry also contains movie reviews. I am glad that I also saw this review of the Narnia film by Mr. Huston... I think that going to the theater would indeed be best for this film. I don't know when I will next get a chance to go to the cinema... But I hope that it is still there, by that time.

Your list of columnists in the sidebar here is excellent; I like this site. I hope that you and your readers had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year as well!
Why thank you for the kind words.

We have many visitors and columnists. You are welcome to submit something yourself using the "Send us an Email" link at the top of the left hand column, as well.

Stop by often.

And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

From all of us at Publius' forum
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