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Friday, December 30, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

- By Resa LaRu Kirkland

Speaking of Speaking

The gift of a common tongue is a priceless inheritance and it may well someday become the foundation of a common citizenship

-Winston Churchill

Much has been made of words in recent years, and we can lay every outcry at the feet of Political Castration. Every single one.

The first has to do with language itself. We live in a nation where approximately 215 million people (A PDF file) speak English. That's right; out of the approximately 300 million in America, the vast, vast, vast majority speaks English, and in case you're retarded or liberal-a bit redundant, I know-the majority is the rule in this nation, and has been since its inception.

Now the hippy press would have you believe that this is because we are an arrogant, racist society that crushes the individual spirit by demanding that everyone conform to us. They see this as a "How dare Americans make us speak their language in their land!" scenario rather than what it really is: an absolute necessity for the creation and maintenance of a healthy nation and a cohesive citizenry. They utterly ignore the most glaring fact of all that is logical and reasonable. No nation, group, race, or religion can expect to come together for a cause if they can't even do the first act necessary to find like-minded compatriots: communicate. This is why all successful nations have met that initial requirement of affiliation by endorsing one national language; without it, no one would ever get past the original idea, because there would be no way to come together and begin the process of building a country. .........
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