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Monday, January 16, 2006


Actor George Clooney Turns Comedian


Movie star GEORGE CLOONEY is convinced he ruined JOHN KERRY's chances in the race for US president in 2004 - by snubbing an invitation and hurting his feelings.

The OCEAN'S TWELVE actor was one of several screen stars invited to ride on Kerry's election train, but it all went downhill for the Democrat when Clooney stayed away.

He recalls, "Kerry asked me to ride on his train - he had a train going cross-country after he was nominated and some actors went on board.

"I called him and explained that I couldn't do it.

"I'd hurt him. I'd actually caused him harm at the polls."

Original Source

OK, now it’s hard to keep typing! This thing is just making me laugh too hard.

This guy is off the deep end. He imagines himself sooo powerful on the political scene that his mere presence would make or break a candidate.

But, the arrogance of a Hollywierd “aktour” isn’t the funny thing. They funny thing is that he thinks his presence on the campaign trail could have “harmed” Kerry at the polls. Now, this admission doesn’t really say how powerful and influential Clooney is, but how far out of the mainstream he is.

If his presence really COULD have hurt Kerry on the campaign trail it could only have been because the people of the United States do NOT agree with or appreciate Clooney’s “hate-America-above-all” ideas.

But, do you imagine for one second that this git, Clooney, would take himself aside to take measure of just how far outside of the mainstream his ideas are compared to his fellow Americans’? Do you think he might examine why he is the oddball?

Not a chance. He is just sure that YOU people are all idiots!

He should hang up the "serious" acting and become a funny man because he had ME rolling with THIS one, I gotta say!

-Warner Todd Huston
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