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Tuesday, January 17, 2006




A gathering of Political Bloggers

The first nationwide gathering of political Bloggers will be held in Reno, Nevada on October 18th, 19th, 20th, 2007

Keynote speaker will be one of the Blogosphere's most well known media mavens, Hugh Hewitt. Not only will he be a major speaker, but he will broadcast his nationally syndicated radio show from the convention on Friday, the 18th.

Currently some of the other accomplished and interesting speakers will be:

-Sharon Hughes - Talk Radio Host and Move America Forward Activist
-Peter and Helen Evans - Washington Insiders
-John Armor - Comedian and Blogger from www.ChronWatch.com and www.Newsbusters.org.
-Chris Adamo - a Senior Program Director and Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance Inc.
-Jay Stephenson - founder of StopTheACLU.com
-Warner Todd Huston - founder of www.Publiusforum.blogspot.com

There will soon be more names added to the speaker's list, and they promise to be BIG names, as well. Begin to clear your calendar for this great opportunity to meet and greet some of your favorite Bloggers, conservative writers and Blogsophere movers and shakers.
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