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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


BrokeWhatsis Mountain?

Overheard on the Range...

Johnny--"Hey, Bo. Seen that Brokebusiness Mountin' yesterdee."

Bo--"Howdija like it, Johnny?"

Johnny--"So, turns out it ain't much of a cowboy movie."

Bo--"How's that, pard?"

Johnny--"Well, there's these here fellers that take a fancy ta each other and they get all squishy and meely mouthed. They go a rompin' all over the range together like calicos."

Bo--"Ya sayin they's like them Gay fellers? Yer, right, that ain't much of a cowboy movie."

Johnny--"Well, it ain't the fag part that is so ridiculous. See, I was told these here fellers was cowboys."


Johnny--"Turns out they're SHEEP HERDERS!"
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