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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Free lifetime health insurance for legislators?

INDIANAPOLIS — In Indiana, 862,670 people are without health insurance, or 14 percent of our population. Among adults ages 19 to 64 living in poverty, 224,740 are without insurance, or 45 percent, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation. In America, 44 million are uncovered, or 16 percent.

Let’s talk about the Indiana General Assembly. About the time of that PBS report, Indiana legislators pulled a fast one on the Hoosier people. Secretly, with virtually no public discussion or input, they snuck 11th hour provisions in several bills that gave Indiana lawmakers … free health insurance for life. If you can serve six years in the Indiana House or Senate, you’ll never have to write another check for health insurance. What a deal!

And it doesn’t just cover legislators. It covers their wives and husbands, children through college age, widows and widowers, and even ex-spouses.

Except … it isn’t free.

That’s where you come in.

Taxpayers, are getting stuck with the tab.

Last November, when Indiana legislators gathered for Organization Day, State Sen. Luke Kenley, R-Noblesville, had shocking news for the majority Republican caucus in the Senate. The unfunded liability for this luxurious perk could cost Hoosier taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. "I don't know what the actual figure is," Kenley explained.

With no clear method to pay for it all.

See full article here


Jeeze, what scum-bags sit in the Indiana government!!

This is why I am against ALL pensions for EVERY politicians, state OR Federal (except the president- yes, even Clinton).

I think that the second these people leave office the largesse they get from the pubic should IMMEDIATELY end.
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