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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Mayor Nagin and the Chocolate Factory...

Granted, the mayor spoke out of turn. And, granted it continues to foster racism. Oh, and by the way nobody said there were no racists attitude among the black community...However, from the reports I saw, Ray Nagin was castigated by the MSM's and reported in my local papers here locally in Denver, and chatised by talk radio here. Nonetheless, the posting of the satire is in poor taste and sends the wrong message...It illustrates our failure, not only by Nagin, not only by the leftist, and not only by the conservatives. Instead of being critcal of Nagins words, and taking on his argument---the satire is an ad hominem attack,to the person...Yes, New Orleans has been a predominate a black city, and yes, that color is of chocolate, but the history of the city has shone the opportunity of a rich treasure trove of music and art, and a culture that cannot be duplicated and is last bastion of expression for what the black community considers their own, and is one of the few places that expresses the American uniqueness and individuality and the melting pot traditions. So, yes be critical of Nagin, and his lack of eloquence, but this satire and personal attack disappoints, it only illustrates our need to argue rationally, and logically instead of appealing to emotion and the lowest common denominator.

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