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Monday, January 23, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

Dissecting Another Lefty's Misconceptions
- By Warner Todd Huston

With every extreme Lefty's new round of misconceptions so boldly on display in the Main Stream Media, it becomes ever more plain that they truly just have no capability to think beyond the talking points their buddies fax to them on a daily basis.

They have no knowledge of history, either past or present. They cast all blame immediately on our own country and its actions and absolve any action made by those who wish to kill us. And, worse yet, they don't even have any faith in the American system or character.

Here is another Op Ed by one of those foolish little Lefties. It's called Spying on innocent Americans unlawful - Do wiretaps dim rights? Written by Nasombi Lambright of the Charlotte Ledger.

I have decided the best way is to answer her is a point-by-point dissection of her Op Ed. Yes, I'm going to have her "fisked"!

So, from this point the I will have Ms. Lambright's original Op Ed in quotes...

"I don't feel safe here in America. When George Bush said on 9-11, "This is a new day, America," I think that most Americans were too much in shock to understand what he had in mind."

Funny how she focuses on the US and not the terrorists in that right off the bat we are obviously going to focus on bush and not the enemy. Makes you realize she hated her own country long before Bush or 9/11 came around and that her latest "worries" are more like her latest excuses.

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