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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

Hillary Clinton Ignores Far Left – Will They Vote For Her Anyway?
- By Warner Todd Huston

In a speech before a Princeton audience of about 800 on January 18th , Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator from New York, had a few words of scorn for the Bush administration's handling of the Iran nuke situation.

"I believe that we lost critical time in dealing with Iran, because the White House chose to downplay the threats, and to outsource the negotiations. I don't believe you face threats like Iran or North Korea by outsourcing it to others, and standing on the sidelines. We cannot, and should not, must not, permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons. In order to prevent that from occurring, we must have more support, vigorously and publicly expressed, by China and Russia, and we must move as quickly as feasible for sanctions in the United Nations."

This is so filled with non-sequiturs and reversals of logic that it boggles the mind. It smacks of tirangulation as opposed to a clarification of her position as she tries to come at the problem from every angle to appear as if she can please all her potential constituents at once..................

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How come fanatic mullahs are provoking west for war

It is because the changing Mid East threatens their hold on power in their own country.

Iran has a rising class of young people who are ever more getting tired of the Mullahs and desirious of some level of democracy.

The Mullahs are using this anti-western hate to stir the people toward a common enemy so that the Mullahs can stay in power to direct that hate.

It is sort of a last gasp of thier power, many feel. Unofrtunately, if they get nukes they might just use them in a desperate attempt to hold on.
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