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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

The King Legacy Reviewed
- By Greg Stewart

Today, I am in a reflective mood it has been thirty-eight years since his death, and Dr. King legacy rambles throughout my brain. Of course, such reverie was attributed to the holiday that was created for him but it seems a bit ironic, that we have one of the largest, if not "the" largest "marades" (clever isn't) in Denver, not bad for a cow town. Nonetheless, the local papers The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News both had articles and editorials on Dr. King yet the coverage seemed wanting; and, what was interesting was how each approached the legacy.

In the more liberal paper (The Denver Post), the commentary in the lead editorial was 338 words long while the more conservative paper (Rocky Mountain News) had more eloquently stated editorial was 451 words long. This minor importance may seem minute, and I am not advocating a small novella, but it was interesting, of the two papers, the liberal paper had the least to say.

Oh I know, its not their fault, after all, it was a stretch for them to find the eventuated negative tone their editorial took, but as the dissenting opinion paper, I expected better; or at least, a more fervor attack. Admittedly, the legacy of Dr. King had a great impact on the nation; nevertheless, his vision has been mutated and hindered by corruption and political opportunists. ... .........
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A little late, but here you go...
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