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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

US Bar n Grill
- By David Tatosian

You're behind the bar one night and you see three men heading for your door. Like any good bartender, you know all security starts at the front door and so, when they reach it, you're there to greet them.

You can see two of them are already pretty happy. The third one, a little guy, stands there glowering at you. You're just about to tell them it's a private party, invitation only, when there's a tap at your shoulder. It's your boss. He says "they're ok" and heads back to his table.

You hold the door for them as the little guy glowers past the handful of customers arrayed along the bar.

Two drinks later, the waitress won't go near them, the women customers are insulted, one of the happy ones isn't so happy anymore and the little guy is sneering at you. You come out from behind the bar and approach the boss' table to suggest he tell his friends to hit the road. The jackass sees you approaching, gives a preemptory wave of his manicured hand and says, "I'm busy"

Luckily there are enough regulars there who'll help you escort the stooges out the door.

That pretty much sums up where the United States is regarding the illegal alien invasion doesn't it? ............
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