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Friday, January 20, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

U.S. Conservatives Work Overseas?

How DARE They?

- By Warner Todd Huston

As if we needed more proof that the Main Stream Media is biased against Conservatives, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer recently published an article all alarmed that Conservative NGO's (Non Government Agencies) were stepping up their activities overseas. This "news" article was so biased as to be laughable.

I wouldn't be surprised if the article's author, David Crary, is going around telling people he is a "journalist", but you wouldn't know it by this biased opinion editorial he is responsible for in the Seattle P-I. The article, Conservatives step up activities overseas, featured a quote from one pro-Conservative, but several quotes against Conservative NGOs from four separate interviewees. How's that for "balance"?

Instead of a factual presentation of the activities of U.S. conservatives overseas, we get a finger wagging, tsk-tsking, and a lot of overblown anti-Conservative rhetoric..................

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