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Monday, January 16, 2006


The Spielberg massacre

The Writer of the book Spielberg used on which to base his movie “Munich” speaks out. And he ain’t happy….

(These are excerpts from his longer article)
The Spielberg massacre
My book was all about avenging evil. Then the King of Hollywood got hold of it.
by George Jonas

December 7, 2005. The credits have just finished rolling. My wife, Maya, and her guide dog, Daisy, left the screening earlier. My colleague and I are looking at each other.

"Moral posturing," I say finally, "allows you to have it both ways. In Tinseltown terms, after the gunslinger blows everyone away, he has a proper crisis of conscience."

"Did 'Avner' have a crisis of conscience?" my colleague asks.

Such remarks illustrate why, in an era of moral chaos, Hollywood is unlikely to restore clarity. With due respect to pop culture and its undisputed master, one doesn't reach the moral high ground by being neutral between good and evil. Spielberg is a fabulous entertainer, a magician of a director, a very astute businessman -- maybe, just maybe, it's too much to ask that he should be a significant moral philosopher as well.

After the film opens, someone tells me that Spielberg shouldn't get an Oscar for not solving the problems of the Middle East. I agree. Spielberg should get an Oscar for making "Munich," the gritty Hollywood flick. For not solving the problems of the Middle East, he should get a Nobel Peace Prize, like everyone else.
Apparently the amoral, anti-Americans in Hollywierd will never learn!
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