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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Taxes and regulations: The Vermont Disadvantage

IT IS AN axiom of commerce that economic development follows Interstate highways. Except in Vermont.

A new study by University of Vermont economist Arthur Woolf has found that development that should have come along I-91 up the Connecticut River instead came across the river — in New Hampshire. The reason? Higher taxes and regulations in Vermont.

“We’re seeing the gap grow larger and larger each time we do the study,” he told the Valley News. “Those communities along the river are really feeling the impact now.”

They are feeling the impact of taxes and regulations imposed in the 1960s and ’70s. Woolf calculated that Vermont border counties had 3,120 fewer jobs and lost $432 million in retail sales in 2002 alone because of taxes and regulations.

Those jobs and sales went to New Hampshire. That’s the New Hampshire Advantage at work. Don’t let legislators chip away at it with new taxes, fees and regulations.

Unionleader.com, New Hampshire

Don't you DARE tell these blue staters that capitalism is destroyed by overweening and oppressive government! They are convinced that government can solve all their problems.

Ben and Jerry leftists from Vermont apparently don't MIND if their state losses economic opportunity right and left. But, Vermont's loss is New Hampshire's gain! Take THAT you socialists!

... Oh, and when your state needs money for it's social programs Vermont, don't come attempting to put your hand in MY pocket trying to get Federal funds!

-Warner Todd Huston
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