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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Uh, oh.! They mentioned me on the DailyKos

Looks like I am OFFICIALLY a part of the eeeeevil right wing conspiracy. I have been referenced on the DailyKos

I will post it here so you won't be caught having to go to the DailyKos yourself. (Do you see how I take care of you people? Willing to sear my eyeballs at the DailyKos for your edification, so you don't have to!)

This one goes along the line of "You can tell a man by his enemies". If the Kozers are mad at me, I must be doin' sumpthin right!

It's about listening to the roots, not the

unhealthy growth, the parasite, on the trunk of the tree. That is, after all, what democracy is all about. And any tree without healthy roots risks toppling in wind. When one big DeLay sized tree falls, it can start a fir-wave, toppling all the trees below it.

The importance of listening to the roots is demonstrated by Warner Todd Huston, "Leftist Blogs indicate Intraparty Rift? Well, Duh." In this piece, a response to a WaPo editorial, "Blogs attack from left," Huston takes the WaPo to task for saying the liberal blogosphere is a new phenomena. He says the liberal blogosphere -- he calls it the extreme liberal left -- has been active since 2001. Least he got something right.

But more telling is this:

We are not seeing a Democratic Party only lately coming to extreme leftism because of the efforts of "liberal Web logs". It is the Bloggers who are only lately come to the game of extremism. Hard left Democrats are happy to use these Bloggers and their rhetoric to shore up their already blatant leftist tilt.

It is the right's view of power structure, a view of it coming from the top down. And we see it over and over and over; in trickle-down economics, in the assumptions of tax-cuts for the rich stimulating the economy, in no-bid defense contracts.

This assumption that power rests in the mighty few at the top ignores the roots. They're ignoring the Repubicans who believe in fiscal control, limited government, privacy, responsibility. The roots, built on the religious right and corporate elite, are rotting.

It's a lesson Democrats need to take to heart, rinse, and repeat. When you forget you're roots, you grow top heavy and risk toppling in the next wind to whip through Washington.

by zic on Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 09:31:20 AM PDT

Wow, what a misconstruction of what I was trying to say!

I had no intention of saying that power must rest at the "top" and the the "down" should dutifully shut up and follow along like puppies. After all, I am myself a conservative activist on the grass-roots level and, if I really believed as this fellow on DailyKos claims I do, I would be making useless my own attempts to guide my own side. I mean, I ain't no highly placed insider. Bush may have sent me a Christmas card, but he sure as heck isn't calling me on the phone to ask my advice! -- And no one has caught ME in conference calls with the vast right wig conspiracy planning sessions.

My point was that the DailyKos is not guiding debate but merely reacting to the predetermined leftward tilt the Democrats had undertaken decades ago. They aren't the "new grass-roots" powerhouses they think they are, but simply the absurdist end of a movement created when most of them weren't even alive.

And that is the problem. Most of the youngsters at the DailyKos (and that goes for the chief wing-nut, Kos himself) are too young to realize that they aren't being "new" in their reactions and policy ideas. They really are out of touch with the long, leftist, road trod by the failed dreamers who brought them here on their backs so that Kozers today would have the ideological base from which to scream like petulant children when Democrats don't go far enough loony left for them.

Not only is reasoned debate out of their ken, but they aren't even aware how they got to this point in the first place. This means that they have no sense of history or philosophy. They only react within their enclosed world with no touch-stone to reality.

The proof of this is how far from the idea of American exceptionalism that they have drifted. To them, we are no longer the country representing "that shining city on a hill" that is the light unto the world for freedom and liberty. To them we are "just another country", no better or worse than the rest.

Still, the poster on the Kos went far afield from where I was going with my Op Ed and imparted ideas to the piece that I neither broached nor intended while ignoring the points actually presented.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Warner Todd Huston
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