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Friday, February 17, 2006


"Midwest Heroes" Come Under Attack

Progress For America has put together a terrific video called "Midwest Heroes." You can watch it here. The video features three servicemen who have served in Iraq: Lt. Col. Bob Stephenson of Minnesota, Captain Mark Weber of Iowa, and Staff Sgt. Marcellus Wilks of Iowa. The theme of the video is that "American troops are making real progress in Iraq." I was delighted to see that PFA is playing the video as an ad, not only on cable TV, but as a sponsor of the Winter Olympics.

"Midwest Heroes" is a straightforward defense of the Iraq war. Here are some excerpts; all narration is by the three servicemen:

The media only reports the bad news, but American troops are making real progress, securing free elections and defending our country from radical al Qaeda terrorists who want to destroy Americans, starting in Iraq.

Saddam Hussein is one of history's biggest mass murderers. The blood of a million people is on his hands, with countless more raped and tortured.

You'd never know it from the news reports, but our enemy in Iraq is al Qaeda--the same terrorists who killed three thousand Americans on 9/11, the same terrorists from the first World Trade Center bombing, the USS Cole, Madrid, London, and many more.

American troops overwhelmingly support the mission President Bush has given us.

Where do you want to fight terrorists? We want to fight them, and destroy them, in Iraq.

Check the rest out at Powerline- click here
This is a great commercial and it is high time the media is used to extoll the successes of what is being achieved in Iraq by our wonderful soldiers.

But, it is also being reported that the Democratic Party in Minn. is trying to get these ads pulled from the airwaves.

The Democratic Party is weak on defense now and has been since 1974. They are Europeanesque in their hatred of our military. And, thousands of burning cars, death threats to cartoonists and murdered film makers is what Europe has gotten from that hatred. The Democratic Party would visit that kind of violence on the entire world with its anti-US policies.
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