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Sunday, February 12, 2006


More MSM Lies About Iraq

The war you didn't see
This Op Ed in the Los Angeles Times is a must read. Written 1st Lt. Robert Parry, it is a fantastic reply to how badly the MSM is covering this war.

Parry belonged to the 1st of the 184th Infantry, a unit constantly splashed across the pages of the LA Times as one of the worst of the worst. Constantly abused by the MSM as a troubled and useless unit, that was a danger to itself and everyone around it.

Granted the 1st of the 184th had troubles, that much just cannot be denied. But it isn't the complete story as Lt. Parry details.

"We served with honor. We served with valor. We earned distinction", Parry informs us, though we would never learn this from the MSM so ready with a bad story about Iraq.

"So far, 14 of our soldiers have been decorated for valor and another 48 have earned the Bronze Star for service. But that cannot be found in print", the Lt. goes on.

The Lt. also said, "But instead, people who didn't know the first thing about us trumpeted the misdeeds of a handful of young men who scoffed at the concepts of honor and duty that our commander invoked."

This is an important article and everyone who really supports our troops -- not those who merely feign it as does the MSM and their leftward conspirators -- simply must go read the words of this fine American soldier.
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