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Friday, February 10, 2006


Nazi Eagle Salvaged From River ... Swastika Covered

The Nazi Eagle Crest from the WWII warship, the Graf Spee, was dredged up from the bottom of the River Plate. The ship was scuttled there in WWII by the Nazis to prevent it falling into Allied hands.

And here is the most interesting part...

The barge brought the eagle back to port on Friday with a yellow tarpaulin covering the swastika at its base - out of consideration for those who still hold strong feelings against the symbol of Nazi Germany, Mr Bado said.

Europe doesn't even have the manhood to deal with a war that ended over 60 years ago, one that fewer and fewer are even alive today to remember with such passion, so how can they deal with one that is fomenting even as we speak?

Radical Islam is not just knocking at the Europeans' door it is bombing it, beating it down, and murdering those behind it.

WWII is history. Why should it matter so that a salvage operation of a WWII Nazi ship reveals the Nazi swastika? Covering that symbol on the salvaged crest is just more proof that Europeans haven't got any sense of perspective at all.

Is it any wonder that some are now talking about setting up an EU commission to bring censorship down upon European news agencies as a result of this foolishness with the cartoons? Europeans are so fond of emasculating themselves that they don't realize that their castration knife is also cutting their throats and not just their testes.

We need to stand behind freedom of speech not set up commissions to quash it. We also need to stand up for viewing history as it is and not re-writing it in a Stalinesque desire to make it say what we want it to say.

The Graf Spee was a Nazi ship. It will naturally have Nazi symbols aboard it. If we salvage it we will see those symbols. Let us stay with reality, Europe, shall we?

Original Source- BBC
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