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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Ontario Formally Passes Law To Prohibit Sharia

About time!

TORONTO — Ontario has formally passed legislation to prohibit the use of religious tribunals to settle family law disputes such as custody and divorce.

The bill was introduced after Premier Dalton McGuinty promised last year to prohibit the use of religious rules, called Shariah law, to settle Muslim family law cases.

McGuinty surprised many when he announced he would not only ban Shariah, but would also prohibit all religious arbitrations in Ontario.

Attorney General Michael Bryant says passage of the legislation means there will be only one law for all Ontarians, regardless of their religion.

McGuinty said last September that Ontario residents will always have the right to seek advice from anyone in matters of family law, including religious advice.

"But no longer will religious arbitration be deciding matters of family law," he said.


Hear, hear, Canada.

I wrote a warning article in 2003 about this that was widely distributed among Canadians. In fact, I still get an occasional email about this one:Canada Allowing Barbaric Sharia Laws?

In any case, at least we are beginning to see western law makers crack down on the pernicious influence of Islam in the west. Now, if only Australia can get beyond the tough rhetoric against Sharia and Islamic ideas of "law" and institute some laws banning observance of such, we will have another western nation seeing the light.

-Warner Todd Huston
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