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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

- By Vince Johnson

By "mass media," I mean all TV news outlets, big city newspapers, and entertainment companies that produce movies and videos. I first noticed it when CBS announced plans to air a "special" that made President Reagan look like a buffoon. A vast number of people were scoffed at as "hyper-sensitive" when they objected to the idea of ridiculing an ex-President while he was laying on his deathbed. Eventually CBS reconsidered. They expressed no regrets for producing the show and were obviously reluctant to drop it off their schedule.

Then there was the "boat people" with their attacks on Kerry. All segments of the media went into a frenzy over that one. Those who liked Bush thought it was great, and those who liked Kerry thought it was outrageous. Media people made millions running the ads and using prime time TV to analyze whatever impact it may have had on the campaign. Other than that, nothing changed.............
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