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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Vainity Fair Fakes Photo of Peter Arnett, Vietnam Era Journalists

Peter Arnett magically appears in Vietnam journo reunion pic

FEBRUARY 2--In its December 2005 issue, Vanity Fair magazine manipulated a photograph to make it appear that veteran journalist Peter Arnett was among a group of war correspondents gathered on a teeming Ho Chi Minh City street during a reunion of the Vietnam press corps. In fact, according to a source familiar with the photo shoot, Arnett was not present when photographer Jonas Karlsson shot a group portrait of eight journalists last April.

Once again the "smarter", more "civilized", and more "tolerant" MSM shows us their true stripes. TRUTH is a matter for others to worry about.

Need to have our star "reporter" involved in something? Just photograph him alone and photochop him into another picture to make it seem as if he was really there.

Why not? Heck, it's the "intent" that counts, isn't it? I mean, we all know that 'ol Pete Arnett meant to be there, right? So what if he couldn't be bothered to actually be there. We can fake it!

Like we fake Bush Texas National Guard documents.

Or cars with dangerous gas tanks exploding.

Or how we write stories about people we never interviewed, CIA agents that were never outed by government officials, incidents that never happened, or had adventures in detox that never occurred.

MSM... WAKE up and smell your lost customers!

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