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Wednesday, May 17, 2006



- By Vince Johnson

We are all born into one culture or another. One source divides "cultures" by areas of the world: African, Asian, Caribbean, Central American, European, Latin American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, North American, Oceania, Pacific Rim, and South American.

The North American Culture contains 57 sub-cultures from Afghan-American to Welsh-American with 55 others between. I have been scanning these cultures in search of something that places the American Culture apart from all the rest. At first, I became very discouraged. It appears there is no scholarly agreement on what the current "American Culture" truly is. Here’s my view of what comprises our culture today:

Griping about the price of gas. If that isn't a basic part of the American Culture, I'll fill your tank as soon I get my credit card below the limit! Speaking of "credit cards," the American Culture is now based on borrowing rather than saving. Didn't your Grandpa advise you to open a savings account rather than applying for a credit card?...............
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