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Monday, May 29, 2006


Babies aborted for not being perfect in Britain

-By Warner Todd Huston

And here is the problem that I have with abortion on demand, or a nation that makes itself too used to abortions being carried out.

This from the Daily Mail...

The ethical storm over abortions has been renewed as it emerged that terminations are being carried out for minor, treatable birth defects.

Late terminations have been performed in recent years because the babies had club feet, official figures show.

Babies are being aborted with only minor defects.

Other babies were destroyed because they had webbed fingers or extra digits.

Such defects can often be corrected with a simple operation or physiotherapy.

(See story:Click here)

The issue becomes that when a country is so inured to abortion, when it becomes so common that it elicits no notice, it will inevitably become used in situations where it should not be used. It becomes killing a baby merely for convenience with no medical justification. This leads to a coarsening of society and causes its members to get more selfish with each succeeding generation.

Who needs the sacrifice of having a child? Who needs to be responsible with your sexual practices? Just rip the thing out of your gut and go on your merry way!

This will also occur with rampant euthanasia. The more we get used to killing those useless old people, the easier it will be to keep expanding the definition of "useless" to fit anyone we want it to fit.

There was a Harvard "professor" (who's name I will not use. He does not deserve the respect) who posited that there is no reason why abortion should be kept to before the third trimester. In fact, he said we should be allowed to kill our children up until they are able to talk because before that they aren't really "human" anyway. He also said we should kill any old person who just isn't living "well" enough to suit him. This is where unthinking abortion and Euthanasia WILL lead. Life will simply be unimportant.

And one more thing is disturbing about this story. In England they have nationalized medicine. That means the government there is responsible for all these needless and immoral abortions because the Doctors work for the government.

I don't know about you, but I do not want the government deciding who should live and who should die.
I definitely don't want the government deciding who lives or dies. I have a couple of mixed feelings on abortion, however, let me make myself clear. I do NOT believe in abortion as a form of birth control. I do not believe women have the right to choose just because it's inconvenient or they made a mistake. There is only one exception I take to the rule and that is if the child is already gone. This happened to me not too long ago. I had a fetus die in my womb and I had no choice but to have a DNC. That is the one and only time a DNC should be performed. I saw the Ultrasound and made them prove to me that the fetus was not living. Anything other than that, there is never a reason, never a season, never a choice.
Your position seems reasonable to me.

I am generally against it but, like everything in life, there are exceptions.
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