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Friday, May 26, 2006


Civility (When Four Year Olds Rule)

- By R.A. Hawkins

It is interesting to read some of the polls out of Europe, who we should be grateful for. Let me rephrase that: We in the West (as in the USA) would be very grateful for the EU clowns if we had the capacity to learn something and retain it. A recent poll in Germany came to the conclusion that there will be trouble between the Germans and the new and benighted intelligentsia who have immigrated there from the Mid-East. They have noticed a tendency in their new neighbors to do something called an 'honor killing'. That is where a woman is murdered by her father or her brother for having been so foolish as to be maybe raped or, in some cases, actually a willing participant in an immoral act. I can understand them getting a little upset over the latter, but a rape? Murder the victim? Say what?

The girl has been raped and now she's to be murdered because she was a temptress or something? And then we have the idiot President of Iran saying he isn't a four year old. In regards to the incentives the EU is offering the Iranians in their usual Neville way he said: "They think they are dealing with a four year old child who can be given nuts and chocolates in exchange for the gold in his hands."............................
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