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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Football's For Wimps in Connecticut High Schools

The controlling state board that regulates and makes rules for the various high school football programs in the state of Connecticut has decided that it isn't nice to win. At least it isn't nice to win with a lopsided score.

From now on, any coach who is "unsportsman" like enough to win by "blowout" will be suspended and unable to coach the team's next game. (See story by clicking here)

The football committee of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, the state board that governs high school sports, has adopted a "score management" policy to keep teams from winning by more than 50 points.

Some Section 1 coaches in the Lower Hudson Valley for the most part think it is a good idea, and Suffern coach Bill Delaney said he would welcome its adoption in New York state.

"I think it is a very appropriate rule," Delaney said. "To run up the score is not showing good sportsmanship, which is what we're trying to teach our players."

Let me annotate that last line to let you more fully understand what this "coach" is saying:

"I think it is a very appropriate rule," (Delaney whined in a limp voice)

"To run up the score is not showing good sportsmanship..." (Because my guys all suck and it would hurt their self esteem if they lose too badly. They are such delicate little wimps and i just can't take their tears anymore...sniff, sniff)

"...which is what we're trying to teach our players." (That winning is only legitimate if we all agree that winners should be allowed to win, unless it hurts our widdle feewings that they won and then we can stomp around, cry and say "it all just isn't fair" and take away that win!)

...There you go. That about explains it better.

Winning is unfair. Excellence is baaaad. And a corresponding lack of ability is really, really OK.

Listen, I am the last person to claim to be a sports fan. In fact, I think all school sports programs should be done away with and the money spent on IMPORTANT things in school (which would be just about ANYTHING but sports as far as I am concerned). But this wimp like focus on making sure everyone "feels" good when they play a game is feminizing our boys, making us averse to winning, and eliminating any drive to excellence in our society.

"Coach" Delaney, if your team is so bad that they get creamed every time they step out on the field, maybe it is YOU who is to blame as much as your half woman-like team!

This PC garbage is maddening!

-Warner Todd Huston
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