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Friday, May 26, 2006


Memorial day 2006

- By Vince Johnson

During World War II 407,300 U.S. military personnel lost their lives in defense of our way of life. Since their sacrifice became a part of history, the world has changed in many ways. Consider some of the things they did not live to see:

A vaccine that prevents polio.
Color TV receiving over 200 Channels everywhere.
Jet airplanes that carry over 400 passengers from coast to coast.
Enactment of Civil Rights legislation.
Black people at every level of political office as well as the Supreme Court except the Presidency.
Humans walking on the Moon.
The "Chunnel" connecting France and England under the English Channel.
People yakking on cell phones while doing 80 on a 8 lane freeway.
Computerized Internet connecting you instantaneously with over a million sources of information and people all around the world.
Heart and liver transplant surgery becoming almost routine.

Most of us would be proud to describe the above changes to those who died in World War II. There are some other changes however, that we might not enjoy talking about. Some of these changes are listed below:...............
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